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Ayadora's Complete Essentials Collection includes the Lash Health Eye Make-Up Remover, Fruit & Plant Ezyme Exfoliating Face Powder Cleanser, Sea Enzyme Face Toner Spray, Velour Face Balm and the Delicate Eye Créme



Begin by appling a couple pumps of the Lash Health Eye Make-Up Remover onto your fingertips or a cotton pad and gently rub the makeup from eyes. Use another cotton pad or tissue to remove access eye makeup.  Wash and dry your hands if needed.  Then pour a quarter size amount of Fruit & Plant Enzyme Exfoliating Face Powder Cleanser into the palm of your hand, add water and rub your palms together to create a lather, gently exfoliate your face avoiding your eyes.  After drying your face, follow up with the Sea Enzyme Face Toner by spraying several times on a cotton pad and wiping your face, neck and decolletage, removing impurities and replenishing your skin with sea and plant enzymes rich in nutrients and vitamins.  Next take the small spatula to scoop a dime size amount of the Velour Face Balm into the palm of your hands, rub your hands together to melt the balm and apply it to your face, neck and decollatege for superior age defense. Finish by applying the Delicate Eye Créme to your index fingers and gently patting onto your under eye and surrounding eye area to smooth, tighten and hydrate.


In the evening we suggest the use of all these products, however, in the morning, makeup free faces can skip the cleanser and use the face toner to remove overnight impurities and balance your skin for the day before applying the face balm and eye créme


Individual product ingredients list is available on their respective website


ALLERGY WARNING:  Some of these products contain ingredients derived from nuts

Complete Essentials Collection

  • 30ml/1oz Amber Glass Bottle - Lash Health Eye Make-up Remover

    60ml/2oz  Papertube Shaker - Fruit & Plant Enzyme Exfoliating Face Powder Cleanser

    60ml/2oz Amber Glass Bottle - Sea Enzyme Face Toner Spray

    60ml/2oz Amber Glass Jar - Velour Face Balm

    15ml/.5oz Amber Glass Bottle - Delicate Eye Créme

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