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What are the ingredients in our products?

We work with all plant based ingredients.  Essential Oils are potent steam distilled or cold pressed essence of plants, while carrier oils (base or vegetable oils that do not have a concentrated aroma or evaporate like essential oils) are used to “carry” and dilute the essential oils for safe use while keeping their important properties.  Macerated oils are herb infused vegetable oils while extracts are substances extracted from the plant through various methods. Butters are seed fats that come from plants. Hydrosols are the water run off from the steam distillation of plants when creating essential oils. Peptides, are amino acids that are building blocks of certain proteins needed for the skin, the peptides we use are from plants.  We use bio fermented plants, the fermentation process, through lactic acid bacteria, (lactobacilli), converts ingredients from an inactive form to a bio-active form that our bodies can easily recognize and therefore process more efficiently.  Preserving our products is extremely important.  For oil based products we use tocopherols, such as Vitamin E and Elderberry to avoid rancidity.  We also use a natural chelator, Sodium Phytate, which comes from phytic acid.  Phytic acid is found abundantly in plant tissues.  Chelators help stabilize the product and strengthen the ability of the preservative as well as the aromas of the essential oils.  Solubilizers, surfactants and emulsifiers bring oil and water together and are used in our toner, creams and cleanser.  Our solubilizers are derived from corn, our surfactants are derived from soy, fermented sugars and coconut fatty acids and our emulsifiers are derived from coconut oil and vegetable raw materials.  We are extremely conscious as to what products we work with and where they are derived from.   However we are not currently certified organci, we focus mainly on organic ingredients that are sustainably farmed.

About the Creator

My name is Kelly Steward and I am the owner and creator of Ayadora Skin.

I have spent the majority of my life working in the entertainment industry as a model, actor and musician.  Due to my job I have always strived to take good care of body but struggled with having clear even toned skin.  Ten years ago i chose to start researching and creating my own skin products, focusing on eliminating synthetic harmful items and working with organic plant based ingredients.  Over the years I have educated myself, tweaked and strived to perfect my products. I have earned a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation as well as an Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science. Now I can confidently say that I have never been more comfortable in my own skin.  Where I once would never leave the house without covering my imperfections with makeup I now flaunt my healthy clear skin.  I am extremely proud to stand by my brand Ayadora.  I am beyond excited to share these products with the world and change peoples lives by giving them the chance to adore their skin.  

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Face Cream
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