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"I was eager to try the Ayadora skincare line.  As a nurse I appreciated the science behind this product line, the length of time taken for development of the product line and that all the products are made from organic components while also said to show results.  Well let me say that it has not disappointed. Being a working mom and woman in her 30's, I have struggled with significant sun damage, dull appearance to the skin, fine lines as well as melasma.  I can say that since using the Ayadora product line, I have seen improvements in all of these skin issues.  I have never been more happy with my skin regimen or my skin appearance.  I am excited to see what this product will do for my skin with continued use!!!!!  I highly recommend!"

~ Harmony Abigail (Rockford, IL)


"Being a clinical esthetician for 15 years, I’m extremely picky about what I put on my skin. I’m a believer in natural products and can admire a good line when I come across one. I felt like a queen when I first tried Ayadora. From the beautiful, intricate packaging to the soft scent I was hooked. I’ll forever use a good night time cream with retinol but you must have hydration with it. The velour face balm is pretty amazing and with the smallest amount applied can combat any form of dryness or dullness and can help recover the skin post chemical perks or laser treatments. The sea enzyme toner definitely balances my skin and helps penetrate product. The lash health is divine. It’s great for getting mascara off and leaves my lashes soft and full😍 If you’ve been thinking about trying this line you should! It can be combined with some of your favorite products you already use or on its own. It’s good to try new products where you can see a difference because as we age our skin is always changing."
~ Renee Nagel  (Clinical Esthetician - Rockford, IL)

"Hi!! I came into your shop on 8.15 day and you gave me several samples to try. I absolutely love the eye creme and face balm!!! I will be buying those again and again! I was having so much trouble with dry, scaley skin on my eyelids after overcleansing, the eye creme cleared that up in just 3 DAYS!!!" 
~ Brooke Waln (Rockford, IL)

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"The Balm is the Bomb!!!"

~ Valerie Olafson (Rockford, IL)

"I love the eye cream, I noticed tightening and reduced puffiness right away. A small amount goes a long way! Highly recommend." ~ Shannon Espinosa (Rockford, IL)

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