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Customer Care

Ayadora Skin Care's main focus is the health of your skin.  Your skin is your largest organ and everyday pollutants damage the cells in your skin causing premature aging.  We focus on fighting those pollutants and rebuilding the health of your cells so that your skin stays youthful and strong against these outside enemies.  We work with only the purest essential oils, extracts, butters and bio-ferments to deeply penetrate the skin layers and repair and protect your skin at real effective cellular level.  We want you to adore your skin everyday because your deserve it!


Privacy & Safety

Ayadora respects your privacy and values the relationship we have with our customers.  Ayadora is available for sale on our online website and various retail locations around the United States. Any information we collect upon purchase is strictly for the use of your purchase and your purchase alone.  Any information we collect from subscriptions to our website is strictly collected to inform you via email or mail of sales, news and updates of our products.  Your information will never be sold to an outside party for their use.  We pride ourselves in keeping our relationship with our customers between us and value and respect your privacy.

Wholesale Inquiries

Please contact if you are interested in carrying our products in your retail location or online

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards  - PAYPAL - Square 

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