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Ayadora's Age Defense Collection includes the Sea Enzyme Face Toner Spray, Velour Face Balm and the Delicate Eye Créme.



Spray several sprays of the Sea Enzyme Face Toner Spray on a cotton pad and wipe you face removing any impurities, toning and balancing and nuritioning your skin with vital age defying enzymes and vitamins, following with the Velour Face Balm by applying a dime size to your fingertipes and covering your face, neck and decolletage.  Finish by applying the Delicate Eye Créme to your index fingers and gently patting onto your under eye and surrounding eye area.


If you have makeup on we suggest cleansing your face before applying the Sea Enzyme Face Toner Spray, however, in the morning, makeup free faces, we like to skip the cleansing and use the Face Toner Spray to remove overnight dirt buildup and start the day fresh without over cleansing and stripping away the essential oils from our skin.  Follow with the Velour Balm.  We, of course, recommend cleansing your nigt faces with the Fruit & Enzyme Exfoliating Face Powder Cleanser, which is also available here 


ALLERGY WARNING: Some of these products contain ingredients derived from nuts

Age Defense Collection

  • 60ml/2oz Amber Glass Bottle - Sea Enzyme Face Toner Spray

    60ml/2oz Amber Glass Jar - Velour Face Balm

    15ml/.5oz Amber Glass Bottle - Delicate Eye Créme

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