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Proper use of the products will help maximize the complete benefit of our plant--based skincare.  We will go in reverse order, starting with your end of day evening regime and then guide you into a morning routine suggestion.





~ Lash Health Eye Makeup Remover.  Removing eye makeup should be a delicate process.  Your eye lids, under-eyes and the surrounding skin are thin and fragile.  We have created Lash Health Eye Makeup remover to not only be gentle to the surrounding eye area but support the strength of the hair follicles of your lashes to sustain the stress of wiping and removing eye makeup.  Put one to two pump of the oil in on your fingertips (depending on amount of eye makeup you are wearing) and massage your lashed and eye lid area.  Use a tissue or cotton pad to remove the loosened makeup.  Wash hands.


~Fruit & Plant Enzyme Exfoliating Face Powder Cleanser.  We recommend using this cleanser a few times per week to clear dead skin cells and for deep pore cleansing.  You may find that you can use it every night.  The exfoliation is extremely gentle and will not strip natural oils from the skin but support and balance the natural oils.  Pour into your palm filling your palm area, add water to opposite hand then slow and gently put hands together and rub together to create friction and allow the powder and water to turn into a paste.   Massage the paste in a circular motion onto face, avoiding eyes.  Rinse with hands or cloth and pat dry face.


~  Sea Enzyme Face Toner Spray.  Spray 3 or 4 spritz onto a cotton pad (we highly recommend a cotton round pad as a oppose to a tissue or cotton balls because it is far more effective).   Take the saturated cotton pad and wipe your face, neck and decolettage thoroughly, avoiding eyes.   You should notice that this not only balances and refreshes your skin but deeply pulls the dirt that is deep in the pores.


~ Velour Face Balm.  Immediately following the use of the Sea Enzyme Spray we recommend applying the face balm.  This will help lock in all the benefits of the toner into the skin along with the balms benefits.  These two products work best hand in hand and we highly recommend these two products be purchased together.


~Delicate Eye Créme.  Top off the regime with the light touch of our eye cream, formulated to be gentle and not heavy on the delicate skin on your eyelids, under-eye and surrounding eye area.  Made to hydrate skin, reduce puffiness, diminish dark circles and fine lines.  This can also just even used once a day, if so, we recommend you use it in the morning as opposed to the evening.





We recommend not over washing your face to avoid drying out your skin and causing your skin to produce too much natural oil (Sebum) which then can clog pores.  With that we recommend starting your day with the following products and order.  See Evening Routine for details on use….


Sea Enzyme Spray

Velour Face Balm 

Delicate Eye Créme

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